Suited for Every Student The treetops adventure park is suited for every student, even for completely untrained climbers! All the student needs is a pair of solid, closed shoes, comfortable sports clothes, and a little courage paired with a lust for a unique experience in nature, high between the tree tops. We'll provide the rest - helmet, climbing harness, and rope pulleys! Please bring a completed and signed entry conditions form for every student (for students under 16, we need their parents' signature!)

Highest safety standards

After extensive training by our certified guides, you'll be moving through the forest adventure park on your own with our belay system. You can decide for yourself how fast you want to move and how many courses you wish to or can tackle. In our tree-climbing park, we put strong emphasis on the highest safety standards. Every participant must be equipped and secured with a helmet, climbing harness and double clamps. Our Safe LINK SSB  guarantees absolute safety.

School-related activities

Tree climbing parks are sports equipment which must be inspected annually by Austrian civil engineers. The Waldbad Anif forest adventure park has liability insurance and uses only certified coaches and guides for this sport utensil. This fulfills all requirements for school-related activities.

double-routed protection rope