The Pedagogical Principle

A high ropes course can be visited as part of schooling (physical education, community work), school events or school-related activities. Effective learning and real mental and physical experiences make the tree-climbing park an ideal tool. Teachers visiting a tree-climbing park or a high ropes course with their students fulfil no function other than disciplinary supervision.

Learning in subjective danger and objective safety

Learning in a safe environment of subjective danger yet objective safety is what makes experiential education so effective as a method and the tree-climbing park so effective as a tool. In the Waldbad Anif Tree-climbing park, you can choose between various programmes: From an "easy" walk through the tree-climbing park with training and supervision by skilled guides to offers with a concrete goal to experiential education programmes for entire schools - students with responsibility, a concept for intensifying relationships in school and for increasing quality by developing social competence.