Effective learning

The "Kletterpark Waldbad Anif" (Waldbad Anif tree climbing park) near Salzburg offers schools and their students an attractive alternative to physical education or to their extracurricular activities in springtime or autumn. As a collective group, the students learn to overcome obstacles and enhance their intellect and motor skills, supporting each other while having fun and not caring about winners and losers. This exciting and safe environment is best suited to creating special learning situations as well as developing soft skills (e.g. capacity for teamwork, individual responsibility, ability to communicate, leading and being lead - skills which improve the social fabric)

An experience to remember which strengthens the personality!

We proceed in accordance with pedagogical principles (= from easy to difficult) and start at a low-level training course at a height of 1 metre, continuously increasing the difficulty level from one challenge to the next, climbing up into the tree tops.