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Burma Buckles, Post Man's Walk, Tarzan Swings. Or maybe Risky Single Beam with Multi Vine? Never mind - in plain English, this means that in our treetop adventure park you'll be balancing on ropes at a height of two to 13 metres or swinging like Tarzan from tree to tree with a liana. There are 120 stages with equally exciting sounding names on 12 courses with different levels of difficulty.

Mönchsberg, Festungsberg and Kapuzinerberg (3 Training Courses)

On our training courses at a height of one meter, you'll gently familiarize yourself with our safety system under the watchful eye of our guides and get a taste of height.

Rainberg (Course 1), Heuberg (Course 2), Gaisberg (Course 3) and Schlenken (Course 4)

According to the pedagogical principle -- start off gently and then slowly improve -- you'll start your trip into the tree tops on the big platform. At a height of 3 to 5 meters, you'll first encounter dangling suspension bridges and shaky wooden constructions.

Schober (Course 5) and Staufen (Course 6)

These two courses mean business! At a height of 4 to 8 meters, you'll realize what it means to lose your footing. You will need your sense of balance for skateboarding at lofty heights, and you'll need lots of dexterity for acing the Big Cross (two trunks crossing in the air).

Untersberg (Course 7) and Watzmann (Course 8)

Courage and muscles are needed on the Untersberg and the Watzmann - our high wire forest adventure parcours! The air is getting thin at heights of up to 13 meters when you're balancing on thin steel cables or clawing your way over precipices.



For children of 3 years of age or older, we have a new separate adventure park our Kids tree climbing park .