Family fun and outdoor activities

A tree climbing park is a sequence of artificial obstacles between live trees in different heights. That's enough theory. In practice,in our treetops adventure park you'll be balancing on shaky wooden beams or thin steel cables, crossing dangling suspension bridges or climbing in large-mesh spider webs. 120 different exercises guarantee excitement, fun and action for young and old, for the entire family as well as for adrenalin-obsessed, passionate climbers.

Everybody's Darling - Climbing fun for everyone

Our tree climbing park offers canopy tours for all levels of climbing experience, even for completely untrained climbers! In our forest adventure park near Salzburg it's all about exploring your individual boundaries in subjective danger yet objective safety. All you need is a pair of solid, closed shoes, comfortable sports clothes, and a little courage paired with the desire for a unique experience in nature, high between the tree tops. We'll provide the rest - helmet, climbing harness, and rope pulleys!

Extensive Training

After extensive training and explanations by our certified guides, you'll be moving through the park on your own with our belay system. You can decide for yourself how fast you want to move and how many courses you wish to or can tackle. If you prefer an unhurried approach and take it slowly, you can refresh yourself in the cold water of Waldbad Anif or on the sunny terrace of the idyllic swimming lake in between the climbing experience.